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On The Visual, Musical, & Cultural Significance of Les Miserables

A few days ago, we watched a film that we have seen time and time again, a musical story of war, reality, revolution and life. Les Miserables is the title of this picture, and we saw the 2012 version of this exquisite film.

The reason why we want to shed light on this film is due to its strong themes related to the tragedy of war. Les Miserables is a brilliant picture, with gorgeous cinematography, and true aesthetic as well as moral value.

The difference between this film, and your typical war film, is the fact that this story does not include decorated heroes brutally murdering people, going through battles of blood, sorrow, and death. Les Miserables depicts the story of people during war.

It is a clear portrayal to what war does to the individual as well as the group, and how war subjects human beings to devastation without their consent, without their approval; it shows the viewer that people rarely get to choose during war, and that eventually revolution is the child of misery, and suffering.

However one thing must be noted, this film is truly a work of art, as all performances during this musical film were filmed on set rather than in playback. Why? To render the scenes more authentic, and to help actors focus on the acting rather than lip syncing to these brilliant tunes. The performances were accompanied by a live orchestra.

This film is definitely a must see, a film worth watching once every while. Artful, meaningful, moving, and utterly real!

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