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Where To Eat At Katara

When one is visiting Katara, there are plenty of activities to engage in, however avid foodies like us, always tend to spend their time having a snack, lunch, or so. Even if it is healthy we definitely always enjoy our time out eating.

In Katara one has a vast number or manners in which one can dine or enjoy a night out. So today we have compiled a small list of restaurants which Katara Cultural Village has to offer.

First and foremost, if you feel like an afternoon coffee or you are meeting colleagues out for a meeting, then the definite place for you is Red Velvet, Chaca’late is another option famous for their coffee. When out to lunch, a casual encounter is  easy on time, and can give you tons of satisfaction, if a swift, and healthy lunch is what you are looking for then definitely try Kunafa, and Shawarma Albisana. This place holds the world’s most delicious salty and sweet pastry, and a great shawarma.

Now, Katara is a cultural village so we are not surprised to learn of the various oriental restaurants in Katara. These restaurants are all interesting to try. For Turkish try Sukar Pacha Ottoman, for Indian try the Saffron lounge, or travel to Cairo with Khan Farouq’s delicious Qatari dishes. If you are in the mood for some mante, then Mamig is the Armenian place you should try.

Also at Katara is a seafood market, which is something incredibly fun and interesting, it also hold the L’Wzar fish market.

So as you all now know, Katara literally holds gems of every kind, cultural, culinary, and so much more so make sure to visit Katara for a night out soon!

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