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Action, Drama, & No Disappointment In Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1

Last night, the long awaited Game of Thrones Season Six premiered on HBO. We were all at the edge of our seats for so many reasons. Khaleesi’s fate was a mystery, Arya gave us so many questions to ask, Sansa kept us waiting for that leap, and most importantly we were dying to know if Jon Snow is really alive.

The first episode picked up where the fifth season left off. The story picked up with a shot of Jon Snow after being brutally stabbed, now we do not want to delve deep into the story, however the first episode was truly impressive.

For the first episode they gave us a good battle, a shocking near-death scene, suspense, and a crazy revelation of true colors for one of Game of Thrones’ most colorful characters.

An action packed debut for season six, it kept us in constant anticipation, and we really could not wait for the following week’s episode. Cheers to new beginnings, and shocking ends!


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