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An Introduction To Qatar’s Photographic Society

Photo: Victor Jabbour – www.absoluteshot.com

Taking good photographs is an art not any eye can master. Being able to see through a lens, and understand the ideals of capturing the take of a singular second is not an easy task. Photographers often take simple photos, but at other times rejoice in catching the glimpse of an emotion within the lens of the camera. In Doha, a group of people are striving to keep this art alive.

The Qatar Photographic Society, was conceived when numerous photographers, and photography enthusiasts decided to form an entity that promotes photographic arts in Doha, and Qatar. The Qatar Photographic Society thus became an arm for the Ministry of Culture, Arts, and Heritage.

The Qatar Photographic society currently holds more than one thousand members, and it is also a member of the French International Federation of Art Photography, and the American Photographic Society.

This movement greatly motivates aspiring photographers to pursue this interest. The Qatar Photographic Society organizes lectures, seminars, courses, and exhibitions, also hosting various photographers for workshops and courses, as well as competitions.

The art world is beautiful it is eternal and long lasting, and so is photography, as a form of art. So we salute this initiative, and we hope to bring our readers much about the events of this institution.

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