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About The Netflix Original Series: The Ranch

A few weeks back, and while surfing the internet for what’s coming to Netflix, we learned of a super special Netflix original series which is debuting this month. The series is titled The Ranch.

As all our readers know, we have an awfully avid love for the 90s hit show, “That 70s Show”. Season after season, we watched That 70’s Show, laughing at their witty jokes, and their silliness. Each character possessed their charm, and their own little things.

One of our favorite characters from That 70s Show was definitely Micheal Kelso, and Steven Hyde, played by Ashton Kutcher, and Danny Materson. However the charismatic pair, returned to star together on the little screen, for their new Netflix original comedy series “The Ranch”.

The first season of The Ranch is available to stream on Netflix, in it the duo play two brothers living with their parents on their ranch, and it is quite one raunchy comedy fueled with a light and witty sense of humor. The Ranch is the more mature version of that 70s show, and we are looking forward to finishing the first season of this series, and telling you more and more about it.

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