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On The Food Industry’s Rare Diamonds: Truffles

One ingredient serves as a standalone gem in the kitchen, is the truffle. Truffles are usually what amps up the bill at our favorite restaurants. A pound of truffles cultivated from France or Italy can go from $3,600 per pound, upwards. The scarcity of truffles is what makes them so rare, even the tiniest truffle shred, can dominate the taste of the dish we are preparing.

Truffles became a dominant ingredient, and a natural spice replacement ever since the 18th century. During earlier times, people actually learned how to cultivate truffles, after noticing that truffles grow close to roots of certain trees, many attempts at cultivating truffles have succeeded.truffle

There exists several kinds and species of truffle, the white truffles for instance, are served raw, or they are shaved over pasta, salads, or other foods. White truffles can also be used with meats, while black truffles are served perfectly with foie gras, and pates. Certain cheeses, which are considered as specialties contain truffles.

Black truffles have a less striking taste, and are also the more refined of the species of truffles. For the production of truffle salt, and truffle honey, black truffles are used. Due to the scarcity of truffles, and to their hefty prices, chefs nowadays do not throw away not one part of the truffle; they use the entire truffle in order to make sauces, paste, and so much more.

We truly adore truffles and they are definitely one of the most delicious scrumptious ingredients found in nature, they go with practically any food, and they taste more impressive than anything.



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