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The Best Mexican Food You Can Eat In Doha

Although Mexican food is really popular around the world, you will not find a lot of Mexican restaurants in Doha, so when you get a hold of a good one, it’s best if you note it down to add it to your check-list. Here is a comprehensive list of the best Mexican restaurants in Doha.


This restaurant is a real treat for the eye as well as for the buds with its lively colors right out of a Frieda Kahlo painting. Salsa is a Tex-Mex themed diner at the Doha Mariott Hotel serving delicious hot appetizers such as tacos, quesadillas, papa rellenas and chilaquiles, in addition to mouth-watering Mexican dishes that will delight fans of chili spicy food.


Head to the InterContinental Hotel on the West Bay if you are looking for the simple and appealing taste of nachos served with melted cheese and jalapeños. You will not be disappointed, we assure you, as Paloma serves the best nachos in the Qatari capital. This long-time favorite diner in Doha used to be a Tex-Mex before it decided to switch closer to authentic Mexican cuisine, and it has managed to live up to everyone’s expectations.


Located at The Pearl, this Mexican delightful diner should be tried even solely for its nice outdoor seating and enchanting view of the waterfront. Pompano is Richard Sandoval’s flagship Doha restaurant where you will taste succulent seafood dishes cooked the Mexican way and the best guacamole in town.





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