What to know

On The Cons Of Sugar

Everyone knows sugar is bad for you and that it has damaging effects on health, especially if it is taken in excessive amounts and is constantly integrated in your diet routine. Here’s why sugar is the enemy of a healthy living.

  1. Sugar causes belly fat and increases the risk of obesity

The first harmful effect of sugar is on your weight. Studies have shown that the higher a person consumes food containing sugar, the higher their risk for becoming obese. Another study have found that excess in fructose intake causes visceral fat cells to mature and for belly fat to accumulate.

  1. Sugar can cause damage to your heart

Excess sugar can increase the overall risk for heart disease as it affects the pumping mechanism of the heart increasing the risk for heart failure. The molecule responsible for this, according to scientists, is called glucose metabolite glucose 6-phosphate (G6P) and is the reason behind the changes in the muscle protein of the heart, leading to heart failure.

  1. Sugar damages the immune system and can cause cancer growth

Research has shown that sugar suppresses the immune response of your body. In fact, bacteria and yeast feed on sugar and when these organisms get out of balance in the body, it is more prone to infections and illness. Moreover, a connection between high-glycemic diets and different forms of cancer was found. When too much sugar is consumed, the body revolts and experiences insulin resistance. This can cause an increase in blood levels of insulin and related compound that act as growth factors and affect the cells susceptibility to cancer formation.



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