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Qatar’s Latest In Renewable Energy

Qatar has recently gone to great lengths in making things more sustainable, more eco-friendly, and safer. With rising energy demands and a decrease in fossil fuel reserves, it is essential for every country in the world to begin thinking of alternate action, and more conscious behavior in order to maintain the well being, and health of the earth, and the people.

Qatar is coming up with so many initiatives regarding this topic; it has become the first country to launch a fully automated and controlled Water Desalination plant Powered by Renewable Energy. This plant will operate without personnel, and with very low energy consumption levels.

The plant owner Mr. Ali Hussain Ali Al-Sada proudly expressed: “This project was created to offer fresh desalinated drinking water as well as water for irrigation purposes in the production of food.”

It will produce fresh water, which is both less expensive, and cleaner. In addition to this, some green houses will be built, which also are able to sustain the conditions of the weather, and in the meantime producing healthy vegetables, and fruits, all year round.

Finding a natural solution, is a step in the right direction for Doha, such initiatives should be praised and promoted in order to bring the whole world into awareness.


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