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Robin Wood’s Striking Campaign “Destroying Nature, Destroying Life”

Today, an extremely powerful campaign came to our attention; it took on a strong message, which was portrayed in an even wittier smarter manner. The campaign featured was one for Robin Wood, a non violent action community for nature, and environment. The campaign was done very creatively.

The art work for this campaign featured wild animals, running for their lives, while being consumed with catastrophic happenings. The skin of these animals serves as a ground for the environmental catastrophes caused by man, an extremely touching initiative, and one which directly induces concerns, and empathy for the viewer.

Advertising Agency: Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Director: Florian Kitzing
Art Director: Manuel Wolff
Copywriter: Katharina Kowalski
Illustrator: Illusion
Photographer: Illusion

destroying-nature-is-destroying-life-surachai-puthikulangkura-robin-wood-7-2 destroying-nature-is-destroying-life-surachai-puthikulangkura-robin-wood-3-2 destroying-nature-is-destroying-life-surachai-puthikulangkura-robin-wood-1-2 destroying-nature-is-destroying-life-surachai-puthikulangkura-robin-wood-8-2 destroying-nature-is-destroying-life-surachai-puthikulangkura-robin-wood-4-2 destroying-nature-is-destroying-life-surachai-puthikulangkura-robin-wood-2-2

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