What to know

About The Foods Going Extinct

We can run out of anything, but we would never think of running out of food one day, human beings hunt to eat, they grow plants and trees to eat, and they go to great lengths in order to make their daily nutritious schedule. However, if we come to think of this option as an actual and concrete possibility (running out of food), it would truly induce a sense of unease, and it should serve as a wakeup call for all people aware.  Climate change and global warming should be more primary concerns for us when it comes to thinking about food.

Not only does climate change affect temperatures, water level, and everything atmospheric, it also directly affects what we eat. As it turns out some food might actually become extinct due to the manner at which we are dealing with this planet.

Of the things we eat, which climate change is to affect is first and foremost the maritime sea-life, oysters, as well as salmon, are very likely to become extinct in the future, with the rise in water levels, comes the change in temperature, and eco-system for maritime animals, some species of fish will not be able to survive. This has already begun taking affect, with regard to the size of fish, as they have shrunk 25% because warmer oceans result in less dissolved oxygen.

Of the other foods which are about to go extinct is chocolate, coffee, and peanuts, these foods require certain conditions to thrive and grow, for instance India’s coffee production has declined by 30% between 2002, and 2011.

There is so much to do out there to diminish the impact of climate change, and we believe every individual should keep our earth on their mind, because this is directly affecting our lives, from the things we eat, to the way our planet is functioning, so much needs to be done, and so much information needs to be relayed to people regarding this subject. We truly hope to always be able to enjoy the foods we love, however without and eco-smart stance, this will never be achieved.



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