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On The Netflix Original Series: Master of None

Hailed as the best comedy of 2015, ‘Master of None’ is a Netflix original series created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang, and starring Ansari as Dev in the lead role. The first season premiered in November 2015 and was positively rated by both show viewers and critics.

Dev is a 30-year old actor making his way in life in the city of New York and who has a hard time making decisions. His most known acting performance is a Go-Gurt commercial.

The first season consists of ten episodes and every episode is about 30 minutes. Although there is one storyline throughout the season, every episode revolves around a certain theme and an incident in Dev’s life.

One episode in particular entitled ‘Parents’ revolves around Dev’s parents and the parents of Brian, his best friend. They both discuss how they have privileged lives because their immigrant parents sacrificed everything so they can move to the United States.

Ansari cast his real parents who are not originally actors for the roles because he needed two Indian people and was not finding anyone that satisfied him.

Aziz Ansari had also troubles finding a title for the series at first and it wasn’t until he finished shooting all ten episodes that he and Alan Yang decided on ‘Master of none’.

The title is in reference to the famous figure of speech “Jack of all trades, master of none” which points to someone who has many skills but doesn’t become an expert in any particular one because he spends so much time learning each skill.

‘Master of None’ is witty and entertaining depicting the modern life of a thirty year old. The show was renewed for a second season this year and should return sometime in 2017.


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