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A Must Visit: The Admiral’s Club At The Ritz Carlton In Doha

When you want to go out for happy hour, or for a late night drink in Doha, not many options present themselves. You are often perplexed with where to go, to have both a good drink, and a good bite to eat. One locale has become our Go-To place in Doha, the Admiral’s Club at The Ritz Carlton Doha.

Now the locale just got a facelift with their new menu, and it has proved to be a success. First and foremost, the club has a wide array of beers, drinks, cocktails, and drinks for a fair price, especially given that the location is just as enjoyable as the food and drinks.admiral's club doha

The Admiral’s Club overlooks the marina, with outdoor seating, and even live music at times. The food is truly scrumptious and they always have new events going on, such as their previous success with their Burger Fest. Of their stand-outs are their chicken wings, their nachos, their fries, and so much more.admiral's club doha1

We definitely recommend The Admiral’s Club, it is a great place for expats, and for locals who want to enjoy a night out with friends, good music, a spectacular view of boats and sea, and great vibes.ritz-carlton-doha

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