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By 2050 49.8% Of The World Will Be Nearsighted!

What is the item we look at the most during the day? There has become one answer to this question, specifically for young individuals, the answer is naturally: a screen.

Unfortunately, what we mostly see during our day is a computer or laptop screen, a phone screen, or a television screen. Bottom line, we spend most of our days looking at screens. So, according to the journal Ophthalmology, and due to the phenomenally rapid pace at which our use of screen has been increasing, myopia is increasing drastically.

Apparently, according to a research conducted by the journal, where they Meta analyzed 145 studies, with 2.1 million participants. 49.8% of the world will be nearsighted by the year 2050, 9.8% of the world will have severe myopia.

4.8 Billion Individuals will be nearsighted by the year 2050. This should not come as a shock to us, especially since, from the year 1970 up to the year 2000 myopia has increased a drastic 66%, and it is headed for an increase of 140% between the years 2010, and 2050.

It is not so surprising for us to learn these facts especially since this is the result of urbanization, and development. However this should serve as a simple reminder for us, to turn our phones off, and enjoy the given wonders of nature which are already within our reach, looking at beauty through our own eyes, does us much better than looking at it from our smart phones.

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