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Beautiful & Extra Cute Japanese Sweets

Japan, has been long known for innovation, in previous articles we showed our readers some of the most beautiful architectural creations in Tokyo, from the brilliant and creative buildings, to beautiful university libraries, to even chocolate. The Japanese know all about being brilliant, so today, we came across the most beautiful Japanese sweets which we decided to share with our readers. This specific Japanese art is called Wagashi, and it consists of intricate little animals, to little glass sweets, to bear drinks, and cat shaped macaroons.

These beautiful foods, are listed below.
adorable-japanese-sweets-wagashi-3 adorable-japanese-sweets-wagashi-9 adorable-japanese-sweets-wagashi-10 adorable-japanese-sweets-wagashi-19 adorable-japanese-sweets-wagashi-20 (1) adorable-japanese-sweets-wagashi-17 adorable-japanese-sweets-wagashi-30 adorable-japanese-sweets-wagashi-4

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