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Our Favorite Advertisements Of All Time

Advertising is something everyone should enjoy, companies get creative in order to sell products, they relay a message, about their products to their consumer, which at times are poignant, and intelligent and at other times, downright lame. Today we have taken the time, to raid the internet, in search for the perfect ads. Happily, we came up with a creative list which sums up our favorite ads. We hope everybody enjoys these advertisements as much as we do, and we pray that agencies all over the world get conscious, and get smart, because it is about time we stopped objectifying women to sell products, it is about time we stopped belittling the consumer, and the advertising world at large is beginning to understand that. We feel it is the media’s role, to most impact and influence these industries, especially given how much on-going work is placed into advertising. So here are our top advertising picks.


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