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All There Is To Know About Doha’s Msheireb Downtown Area

In an effort to preserve its historical downtown, an important project in Qatar is underway dubbed ‘Msheireb Downton Doha’ and functioning under Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF).

It’s been called the world’s first sustainable downtown regeneration project that aims to revive the old commercial heart of the city across a 31 hectare site, joining together tradition and modernity with a focus on sustainability and harmony with the environment.

The QR20 billion-development project was launched by Msheireb properties in 2010 and is expected to be completed in 2016, although some delays may occur. The planned complex will have the largest collection of LEED-certified buildings in the world.

From what we know so far is that the city will have a museum, 120,000 square meters of parks and open space, more than 100 commercial buildings and government offices, and 4 hotels including a Mandarin Oriental and a Park Hyatt Hotel. In terms of housings, the downtown will include around 900 houses and apartments for an eventual residential population of 2,600 people.

The historic homes in the area, which are up to 100 years old, will be preserved and incorporated into the new city. All parking will be under ground and the capital’s future railway network will pass in the middle of the complex.

Back in September 2015, Qatar Academy, the first building in the Msheireb project opened its doors. The school is the fifth branch of the Qatar Academy chain run by the Qatar Foundation, and has 12,745 square meter campus and can accommodate up to 450 students.

Students and teachers were able to start their new academic year but for now, the school is taking students from Pre-K to Year 3 although they will continue expanding over the next year.

This is a major development in the timeline of the Msheireb Downtown Doha project while other buildings are set to open in phases as they near completion.Msheireb



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