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An Overview Of Qatar’s Most Notable Publications

If you just arrived in Doha and want to learn more about this exciting place, you  can easly do that by going over some little reading about the major news and events happening. So look for one or more of these major publications, noting that this not an extensive list of all the english publications in Qatar.


  1. Gulf Times

This is a daily newspaper published by GPPC Doha that sheds the light on the most important news in the country, the region and the world in a 40-page broadsheet and a seperate monthly magazine entitled Society. The website is also a good source of news you can check out if you don’t want to buy the paper copy.


  1. The Peninsula

This other major daily newspaper is published in an all-color broadsheet varying up between 24 pages on weekends to 40 pages during weekdays. It focuses mainly on international, business and sports news. From Sunday to Thursday, you can also find a 16-page community news tabloid called Doha Today and on Friday another 16-page weekend tabloid entitled The Peninsula Plus.


  1. Qatar Today

This is probably the number one news and business magazine in Qatar and it features the latest business insights you neeed to know and in-depth studies and analysis of trends covering several fields from finance, technology and industry to sports, trade and leisure.


  1. Time Out Doha

Time Out is THE publucation to read before you try out any new experience in Doha. The magazine features reviews of most restaurants, hotels, clubs and attractions in Qatar. It also covers intresting entertainment, lifestyle and society highlight stories. So make sure to check it out.



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