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The Significance of Walking Meditation

When you are tired from long days sitting in the office, reconnecting with nature and your body is the best solution to unwind. So instead of seated meditation, try practicing mindful walking.

In Satipatthana Sutta, Buddha identifies four domains for mindful meditation: the body (kaya), the sensations and feelings (vedana), the mind (chitta), and the elements of Buddhist teachings (dhamma). He states that there are different postures to achieve that like walking, standing, sitting and lying down:

“A monk knows, when he is walking;

‘I am walking’;

He knows, when he is standing;

‘I am standing’;

He knows, when he is sitting;

‘I am sitting’;

He knows, when he is lying down;

‘I am lying down’;

Or just as his body is disposed

So he knows it.”

Walking meditation is different from regular walking, as this practice will help you get out of your head and connect deeply with your environment and with nature. It will help you get to know your body and be aware of it. And it will connect you to the present moment and strengthen your concentration.

To practice mindful walking, first wear something comfortable and begin by standing still, noticing your posture and becoming aware of your body. Bend your knees very slightly while taking a few belly breaths, bringing your awareness to the present moment.

While keeping the slight bend in your knees, begin walking slower than your normal pace taking into mind each foot’s contact with the ground.

Inhale fully and deeply, filling your lungs with each breath and let your eyes focus ahead of you taking in the view as much as possible.

While walking naturally, let your attention drift away from your breathing awareness and the present to your thoughts and emotions without judgment and then back to the walking.

You can continue the practice from 5 to 20 minutes or longer and when it’s time to end your meditation, gently stop walking and go back to standing still and feeling the earth beneath you taking a few deep breaths.

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