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Our Very Favorite Music Covers

Ever since YouTube emerged, song covers have graced the internet whether they were performed by unknown artists or celebrities. Certain song covers even became as popular as the original, other time people loved the cover more or people just simply loved both. Here are our picks for the best song covers discovered lately.

Alessia Cara – Bad Blood

Not exactly as famous as the original performer, Alessia Cara started posting covers on YouTube but later on became known in her own right. In her version of Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’, Cara even sang Kendrick Lamar’s verse from the remix and turned the upbeat song into a low-key version.

Demi Lovato – Take me to church

The young singer loves to showcase her vocal abilities and has done many covers during shows and on-stage. Demi Lovato recently rendered a raw cover of Hozier’s hit during BBC Radio1’s live lounge when she was promoting her new album Confident and it was breathtaking.

Post Modern Juke Box – Creep

This YouTube channel produces the most astonishing song covers you will find, and all of them are great. The videos are not merely reinterpretation, they are turned into jazzy and vintage versions, becoming completed different hits. We chose the most viewed video on their channel, a cover of the famous song by Radiohead.

Ed Sheeran – Dirty

We never imagined Ed Sheeran would reinterpret a song by Christina Aguilera, especially this one as the young singer/songwriter usually sticks to romantic and slow songs. The result is really good if not better and more chill than the original version, which is exactly what we were expecting from Sheeran.

Thirty Seconds To Mars – Stay

The hit song gets even more powerful with Thirty Seconds To Mars’ cover and Jared Leto’s voice, reminding us that the actor/performer is one of the most talented artists. The song sounds like it was made for him that we wonder if Rihanna should have collaborated with the group for her duet.



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