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Traditional Qatari Food You Can Find At Souq Waqif

We already love Souq Waqif’s busy street life and hidden gems, but it is also a great place to try some real Qatari food served by the many food stalls of this traditional market. Here are some of the Qatari dishes you can find by strolling the streets of Souq Waqif.


It is the first recommended signature meal to try while in Doha. If you don’t get the chance to try it in a Qatari home, usually served in a large shared platter, make sure to try it at the food stalls in Souq Waqif. Similar to the Saudi dish Kabsa, this staple Qatari meal is a mixture of rich Eastern spices, basmati rice, raisins and pine nuts, topped with chunks of either mutton, chicken or hammour fish.


Probably the healthiest Qatari dish because of its ingredients, Margooga is nonetheless a very popular meal. It is a stew of meat and vegetables like eggplant and carrots, flavored with many Eastern spices used in other Qatari dishes. The Margooga is served with a piece of farrago, a bread similar to the Ethiopian injera that you soak in the stew.


This is a porridge-like dish, similar to another Qatari dish, Harees. Made with fish or chicken and served in a creamy and buttery porridge, Mathrooba is a special iftar treat to break the fast of Ramadan. While in Harees the meat is simmered in wheat and butter, the meat in Mathrooba is stewed with mashed beans instead. Most importantly, locals claim that this tradition Qatari dish helps ward off the heat.


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