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Pete Collins: Doha’s Best Personal Fitness Guru

When looking for a fitness trainer one thinks to employ an individual who is aware, knowledgeable, prone to health, and fitness, understanding of human biology, of the human muscular system, and on the psychology of an individual when it comes to becoming fit.


One personal trainer has made it clear that his services are impeccable, offering amazing services such as boot camp, cross fit, weight loss, functional fitness, outdoor fitness, boxing training, and strength and conditioning.

Pete Collins served 12 years in the armed forces as a Leading Physical Trainer working with people of all abilities in multiple disciplines and platforms. Pete Collins has been in Qatar since 2013, and his services are tailor made, to provide his clients with a better overall lifestyle, and a more comfortable manner of living in general, because fitness is the outcome of a lifestyle, and his part in this equation is to mold your fitness to perfectly compliment your lifestyle, keeping you healthy, keeping you fit, and managing to keep your body balanced.

To learn more of the services provided by Pete Collins, or in order to request a quotation for his professional services, check out his website.

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