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Katara Celebrates Diversity In Its Cultural Diversity Festival

Qatar is celebrated for the diversity found within it, many individuals from all over the world, travel to Doha for work, and business, or for leisure, and to see the orient. These individuals are diverse; they come from Philippines, London, Russia, India, Lebanon, The United States, practically from everywhere in the world. Katara, which as you may all know is Qatar’s cultural and artistic hub, has inaugurated an amazing event, which is still ongoing.

On January the 11th, Katara Cultural Village Foundation inaugurated the Cultural Diversity Festival, in collaboration with the Unesco office in Doha. Performing within Qatar’s theaters, every single culture present at the festival will be able to showcase its folkloric, culinary, and local specialties.

The Cultural Festival of Diversity will feature twenty different countries, of which include: Russia, Cuba, Japan, Argentina, Turkey, Italy, Czech Republic, Tunisia, Spain, Jordan, Serbia, Kenya, and Georgia. Every country will showcase its own traditions, and folklore in the manner they prefer as locals of the country.

Katara has done an amazing initiative of portraying beauty everywhere in the world, it is extremely important to broaden the scope of cultures that we feel most comfortable with due to our innate nature, and begin discovering other cultures, appreciating diversity, and seeking to learn the best of what other countries have to offer to the world.

Check out more details, on Katara’s website. 

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