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On The Benefits Of Keeping A Journal

Keeping a journal is a very useful practice that can help you gain a better consciousness of your life and goals. Therefore, keeping a diary is said to help leading minds in getting ahead of others in many domains.

According to a research by Howard E. Gardner in his book Leading Minds: An Anatomy Of Leadership, exceptional people become leaders because they take the time to reflect and their unique perspective of the world and ability to make decisions are rooted in their everyday ‘sense-making’.

Their leadership is hence acquired in the aptitude to see, understand and act before anyone else, and having that unique perspective enables creativity and competitive advantage.

So what would help us become leaders today with our fast-paced lives and inability to sit down and listen to our own reflections? The answer is simple: keeping a regular journal.

Keeping a journal can give you access to your own insight and will give you the opportunity to reflect on a daily basis. It starts with buying a real journal, since writing by hand is much more beneficial for reflection, and finding a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. Take 15 minutes off your time each day, even better if it is around the same time: the end of the day before going to bed being the best choice.

When writing, write anything that comes to your mind without judgment and be honest with yourself. This is will not be shared with anyone and it is best if you don’t. These are your most private thoughts like a secret conversation you are trusted to keep to yourself. And it should definitely not be influenced by anyone else since it carries your own unique perspective on your life and the world around you.


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