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Yelp & Zomato: Reshaping The Way We Eat

The way we eat today, is much different in the age of speed and technology. Previously we used to rely on word of mouth when selecting the locale at which we will be spending our evenings. People used to tell us visit this, visit that, and depending on our trust in their taste, we selected the place at which we would have dinner.

So we got to thinking, the way we eat now, is so much different than the way we used to, instead of relying on who said what, we now have tools, applications, and a ready approach to what we are taking in. Having applications like Yelp, and Zomato have reshaped our eating cycles and manners, now we have filters according to what mood we are in, according to what is in close proximity of us, of what is healthy, what is now, these applications have allowed for honest advertising and reviewing.

Yelp and Zomato, both make food reviews so much more genuine, instead of visiting the place’s website, and only hearing words of praise about a place’s food no matter the quality, we now are able to see firsthand what the place has in store for us. Are their dishes as well presented as they are photographed on their website, is the food tasty, or is it overrated.

All details are given to us with honesty, and with absolute transparency, since people know the value of their own money, and they know what is worthy and what isn’t, and based on these users’s firsthand experience, we get to base our judgment, and decide on what we feel like tonight.

Technology has made it possible for us to have some decency, and honesty when it comes to what we eat, a factor which is pretty awesome for everybody.

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