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“Images and Memoirs” of Qatari Sports at Katara

On the occasion of National Sport Day, usually held in Qatar on the second Tuesday of February, a photography exhibition celebrated the most prominent athletes of the country.

Qatari artist Sultan Jassim Al-Jassim has inaugurated on February 7 at Katara, the Cultural Village in Doha, a special exhibition entitled “Images and Memories” that focuses on Qatari Sport, in the presence of Ahmad al-Sayed, Katara Deputy General Manager for Operations.

The 30 photographs displayed depict the lives of Qatari athletes since the 1960s and include some very rare images from the country’s sports field, hence the timing of the exhibition with Qatar National Sport Day.

Speaking during the occasion, Al-Jassim stated: “Undoubtedly, the display of some very rare images on the field of sport in our country is an illustration of an overall renaissance witnessed by our country in all fields. Similar images that go back to the 60s of last century indicate the great importance the people of Qatar had always given to sport. The history of sports in the State of Qatar and the accomplished progress in this field are vividly depicted in this exhibition.”

Still, the most important message to retain from the event is that the Sport culture in Qatar wasn’t born recently and has “extended over decades”, according to the artist.

Finally, Sultan Jassim Al-Jassim will continue to organize his “Images and Memories” exhibition in other GCC Countries to promote Qatari Sport, while the exhibition at Katara will continue until the end of February.

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