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The Most Bicycle Friendly Cities On Earth

Urban cycling is an activity we all enjoy, usually when we travel, since not every city in the world is prone to having impeccable infrastructure that ensures the safety and security of the individuals on the bikes. In certain places and cities in the world cycling is the basic and most common means of transportation, and today we have prepared a little list for our readers designating the best and pretties locations and cities in the world to visit if one is an avid fan of cycling.

In the number one spot is:

Copenhagen, Denmark:


This year Copenhagen has gone to great length in the development and urban planning of its bike lanes, the city has built new bridges, new roads, and all for the purpose of making this city safer and more secure for both locals and tourists alike.

Amsterdam, Netherlands:


Amsterdam is known for being the city where there are more bikes than people. With beautiful infrastructure and bike lanes dedicated to cyclists all over the city, Amsterdam continues to impress us with its new and incoming development of an underwater parking.

Utrecht, Netherlands:


Away from the heaps of tourists, Utrecht is in close proximity to Amsterdam however it is a city saturated with locals, and where one can enjoy cycling without the need to worry of overcrowded streets. Utrecht is on its way of building the world’s largest Bicycle parking, with a capacity of 12,500 bicycles.

Strasbourg, France:


Strasbourg is one of Frances most notable bike friendly cities. Why? Since this brilliant city has undergone state of the art urban development, and it has 300 miles of bike routes for its locals and tourists to enjoy.

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