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Yabby At The Shangri La Hotel In Doha

The Shangri La Hotel is one of Doha’s most famous, and one of the highly visited hotels. However at the Shangri La there is one certain must try place for both locals, and tourist guests alike. The locale is a restaurant by the name of Yabby.

Yabby is one of the most happening places in Doha right now, and a definite must visit. The dress code at the locale is smart chic, and it is beautifully decorated with warm hues of blue, beige, and wood. The second you walk into the place, you feel it radiates of good ambiance.


The food is absolutely exquisite, and a definite must try, with live seafood stations, and a chef brilliantly executing some beautifully decorated dishes. Chef Deivid Paiva, has traveled the world from Europe to Africa to the Middle East. Paiva was the star at a Michelin award winning restaurant in Ireland, where he catered to the Queen of England, HH Queen Elizabeth II.

Yabby’s dishes are Portuguese inspired, with a Mediterranean twist, with signature dishes that include lobster kibbeh, oysters, caviar, lobster pawns, sea bass, linguine, risottos, and various beautifully presented dishes, of which many are seafood.

Yabby, also hosts a weekly brunch on Friday, which is adults only, and includes some beautiful colorful food, and an amazing ambiance, whether for brunch, dinner, or any other occasion Yabby is definitely one of Doha’s must try places.


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