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Qatar Motor Show Reveals Qatari Made Super Car: Elibriea

Many things happened during this year’s edition of the 2016 Qatar Motor Show. Many fans of super cars, technology, high end luxury cars, and the latest in motor vehicle innovation, gathered in Doha to see the exclusive models, and cars displayed at this mega car show. We have previously covered this topic and have brought you everything to know on the event in our article.

However we later told you about a Lebanese Made Super car also shown in Doha, however the locals also had their own share of innovation; one Qatari student at Texas A&M university designed a super car four years ago, the car was extremely with a Mad Max inspired design that it went on to production.

The car has a body built from carbon fiber, a General Motors engine V6, with 525 horse power; all that and the car only weighs 2,200 pounds, which makes it an impressively sturdy and speedy car. The student who designed this car is called Abdul Wahab Ziaullah, and his project was funded by the Ali Bin Ali Group.

Abdul Wahab Ziaullah has his second design currently in the works. The currently displayed is called Elibriea, and it had the potential of a McLaren 5075.

Such an amazing initiative from a talented student and it is so great to know that such initiatives by young individuals are highly recognized and implemented.

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