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We have previously brought to you an article about one our favorite hotels in Doha, this hotel never ceases to impress us wherever we go around the world, and luckily in Doha this hotel holds an amazing place to dine, and enjoy an evening out with friends.

The Four Seasons Hotel Doha, is home to the Elements, an amazing locale with superb interiors, decorated in hues of grey, black, deep brown wood, and some gorgeously set lighting. The Elements at the Four Seasons Hotel is inspired by the four elements of nature, Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water.

One of the most notable areas of the Elements is their outdoor area, exquisitely decorated with a huge fire ornament decorating a garden patio with a beautiful pool, and a memorable view. The Elements also offers brunch on Fridays.

The menu at the Elements consists of Indian, Asian, seafood cuisine, and they also hold a breakfast and lunch buffet, and dinner is a la carte.

The Elements at the Four Seasons is a place everyone should try, with amazing services that cater to your needs with perfection, and good service, a place to return to again and again.


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