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Tesla To Reveal Pre-Production Prototype Of Tesla Model 3: The $35,000 Tesla

A Tesla is practically one of the most beautiful cars out on the road, they are beautifully designed, they are eco conscious, they are smart, however one thing about the Tesla is that it is not affordable for everyone to purchase. However, if we were to think of a healthier ecosystem, less waste, less pollution, everyone would be prone to purchase a Tesla given the correct budget.

So, some amazing news came our way regarding Tesla, it seems within the coming month of March, Tesla will be revealing its debut Model 3 car, which comes at an all affordable price of $35,000. Although the Tesla Model 3 will be revealed within the coming month, however the production line is due to begin in 2017.


The March event will feature a pre-production prototype, powered by some gorgeous technology, batteries, and produced at Tesla’s gigafactory. The pre-orders of this amazing Tesla model begin in March 2016, after the revealer of the prototype.

The Tesla does not need recognition; it is definitely out of question, one of the best cars on the roads today, in terms of design, in terms of intelligence, in terms of eco-friendliness. We are really keeping our fingers crossed until the revealer of the Tesla Model 3, and we practically trust we will all be impressed with what Tesla has to offer.

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