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Our Favorite Educational Websites On The Web

The World Wide Web is an endless resource for educational materials and interesting platforms for exchanges of ideas. Here are some of the best educational websites that you’ll find online.

Coursera: https://www.coursera.org/

Probably one of the best learning sources online, Coursera offers massive open online courses (MOOCs) and makes available free online classes for everyone. Top contributors include Stanford University, Princeton University and Yale University and the courses span across different disciplines including Arts and Humanities, social sciences and computer science.

TED Talks: https://www.ted.com/

This platform is a great way to learn just about anything in under 15 minutes. It is not a course but more of a small discussion led by some of top influencers of our time where they get to share their knowledge and experiences. The option about this site is that videos can be downloaded and most of them have subtitles in different languages.

Stake Exchange: http://stackexchange.com/

This network of sites is organized in expert Q&A communities on different topics like Business, Culture and Technology. So if you have a very important unanswered question, you can post it in the appropriate site covering your topic, or just browse to see if someone has already answered it. The most helpful answer will be ranked on top, as experts can vote on the different replies posted by users.

Learnist: http://learni.st/

This is a great platform to expand your knowledge about a specific subject or to simply learn something new. Experts use this website to share what they know by curating several sources from the web like videos, blogs, images and documents, turning their materials into a very helpful learning resource.

Big Think: http://bigthink.com/

Described as a YouTube for ideas, the Big Think forum is a source of educational content provided by experts ranging from Bill Clinton to Bill Nye and George Takei. The platform delivers articles and videos that will make you think and learn something new every day.


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