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Events Taking Place At Aspire Zone In Qatar Within The Coming Weeks

Aspire never ceases to amaze us with their wonderful events, and their constant strives to bring better health, sports, and fitness into each and every one of our lives. So today, we have rounded up a few events happening at Aspire, in order for all of us to take part in, and enjoy a better lifestyle.

Winter Weekends At Aspire:

Every Thursday beginning from the 14th of January, and until the 24th of April 2016, young boys and girls are invited to take part in Aspire’s Winter Weekends, where kids and young people play football, volleyball, and various other games and tournaments, and amazing happening for kids!

National Sports Day:

During National Sports Day on February The 9th many events will take place in Aspire, of these events is beach soccer, judo, football, family biking, wall climbing, and it will even include a 5,000 step walk. To learn more about this event check out our previous article on National Sports Day.

The Aquathon Series:

Happening on the 20th of February, this day will include swimming, and running sports races for adults, in the Hamad Aquatic Center Pool Facility. The roads around will be closed for the 5K marathon, and kids will be able to take part in 1.5K and 3K races, according to age group.

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