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The National Sports Day In Qatar Taking Place On February 9th

Five days from now an amazing event is about to take place in Doha. For the fifth year in a row, and on February the people of Qatar are celebrating the 5th edition of the annual Qatari Sports Day. This initiative is aimed at encouraging the Qatari people of having a healthy lifestyle.

On the second Tuesday of February each year, people in Qatar gather to celebrate the joy and the benefits of working out, and of having a healthy and positive body. Qatar is one of the very few nations who celebrate a day dedicated to sports and well being.

Scheduled events during this dedicated sports day include events such as group fitness classes, wheelchair basketball tournaments, in addition to endurance tournaments, as well as some traditional games.

The opening of the event will be at HBKU’s Student Center, where a walkathon will be held, and it will continue at the Oxygen Park.

This is an amazing initiative to take part in, another huge achievement by the government of Qatar.

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