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An Introduction To The Brilliant Darz Design

We have previously brought you a list of the most prominent abaya designers, however today we aim at bringing to light one of these brilliant designers. Today we take the time to talk about the brilliant Darz Design.
This brand was launched on October 10th of the year 2010. Darz Design aims at dressing the modern Muslim woman. Their designs have had huge success, especially within the ranks of young ladies, and adult women.
Their abayas are exactly what the modern stylish Muslim woman intends to wear. Their most current collection contains some amazing designs, using the most sophisticated fabric, and textures, and integrating embroidery, simple beading, and some gorgeous patterns.


Also, they have come up with the sweetest initiative for this year’s Mother’s Day on March the 21st, and for a period of three ongoing days, Darz Design will be providing discounts of 21% off on all of their beautiful designs.
Darz Design is one of the most successful abaya designers in the Arab world, and specifically in Doha, and their style is redefining the manner at which women wear abayas, and giving them a more modern twist.

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