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Today Is A Beautiful Day For The Youth Of The United Arab Emirates

An amazing initiative has seen the light of day today, we were excited, we felt awe, and mostly this event induced a great amount of respect directed to the United Arab Emirates.

Today, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed announced through his official twitter account that he is reaching out to each and every university in the United Arab Emirates, to nominate six of their best candidates, three male candidates, and three female candidates, either students who are still enrolled in their studies, or individuals who have graduated within the past two years, these candidates will be considered, and one will be selected, and become a United Arab Emirates Government Minister.

On the part of the United Arab Emirates this is an achievement, and an important regard for the youth of the Emirates. Individuals who are young they recognize the worries and frustrations of the young, and work for the benefit of the younger generation, which is actually the most important generation.

Check out HH Sheikh Mohamed’s tweets today. An event that deserves all the praise it can get!

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