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Warm Drinks to Relish during Winter Time

We all love just laying low during winter time, sipping a hot drink in front of the fireplace, or  simply in front of the TV. If you like to keep it simple, there’s tea and coffee but if you, like us, want something more feisty, then just pick one of these three winter drinks options we have chosen for you.

Cookies and Cream Hot Chocolate

After trying many recipes, we know now that there is nothing as delicious as a cream and cookies topping to complement your hot chocolate. Luckily, we have the recipe. Just warm 2 cups of milk without boiling them and add ½ cup of hot chocolate powder. Grind 4 to 5 oreos in a blender and stir them into the drink, then serve with whip cream on top and some crushed oreos.

Caramel Hot Chocolate

This is another favorite of ours, and we think caramel just enriches any hot drink. After warming 2 cups of whole milk, stir in ½ cup of bittersweet chocolate chips and ½ cup of caramel sauce and whisk until the chocolate melts. After letting the drink cool slightly, garnish it with sweetened whipped cream then drizzle with one tablespoon of caramel sauce and sprinkle some grated chocolate. Simple yet delicious!

Hot Cocoa and Toasted Marshmallows

This is an obvious choice for the rainy days, but one that we cannot live without. Use a toaster oven to toast three pieces of marshmallows or more, by placing them on a foil baking sheet for about 30 seconds until golden. Prepare your hot cocoa according to your taste, with hot water or milk, top the drink with the toasted marshmallows and enjoy!


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