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An Overview On The Brilliance Of The Great Manolo Blahnik

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend; we tend to disagree, since we have reason to believe that shoes are a woman’s best friend. Seriously, women have every single right to buy more shoes than any other item of clothing. So today, we take the opportunity to pay homage to one of the most brilliant shoe designers which have made an unfathomable impact on the fashion scene today.

Today we take the time to look at the brilliant work of Manolo Blahnik. Born on November the 27th 1942, Manolo grew to become one of the world’s most acclaimed shoe designers; however his parents had planned out a different life trajectory for him, enrolling him at The University of Geneva and majoring in Politics and Law, due to his parent’s aspirations of educating him for a diplomatic career.

Blahnik went on to change his major onto literature and architecture, graduating in 1965, when he moved to Paris and enrolled at L’Etoile Des Beaux Arts, majoring in art, and stage set design from the Louvre Art School.

In 1968 Manolo moved to London to work as a buyer for the brand Zapata, while also writing for L’Umo Vogue, in 1970 he was encouraged to pursue shoe design, after American Vogue’s editor in chief, Diane Varland encouraged him to.

He then began designing for London based Jean Muir, and Zandra Rhodes. He then took a loan of two hundred pounds, and purchased their London store, which still stands to this day as the first Manolo Blahnik store to open in London.

Manolo became the first ever man to be on the cover of UK Vogue. His stores are found today in all major cities from London, New York, Las Vegas, Dublin, Athens, Madrid, Dubai, Istanbul, Singapore, to Stockholm.

Blanhik was appointed Honorary Commander of The Most Excellent Order British Empire for his achievement for British Fashion, and oh was it deserved. His designs are worn by women of style, and his designs exemplify elegance at its finest.

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