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Qatar Airways Announces World’s Longest Flight

Some super cool news has come our way on Qatar Airway’s many services and flights. The airline giants have been said to launch the world’s longest airline flight.

Qatar Airway’s CEO Akbar Al Baker expressed in a recent word with Bloomberg that they will be launching the world’s longest flight from Doha to Auckland in New Zealand. This flight will travel a distance of 9,034 miles, and it will last 18 ½ hours, the longest possible flight on earth!

We have also most recently learned that the Emirates Airlines have also been planning one of the world’s longest flights which is destined to be from Dubai to Panama, traveling 8,588 miles, lasting 17 ½ hours. This flight will take the place of the world’s current longest flight for Qantas Airlines, from Sydney to Dallas, travelling 8,577 miles, and lasting 16 hours, 55 minutes.

Luckily, we will be able to travel from Doha to New Zealand without having to board several aircrafts. Since one of the things that bother us most about airlines in the fact that if we are travelling a long distance, most of the time we are obliged to land, and take of several times, which is extremely annoying given the travel blues it tends to give us.

We are always glad to be bringing our readers such initiatives from the world’s leading airline.

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