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Tips & Tricks To Help You Save Money Travelling

When we travel, we tend to think of comfort at its best; comfort however, comes at a price; a hefty price tag usually, when we want to play tourist. So we go to Google, and we check out everything that we want to do, however what Google shows us is what is basically the most popular thing for a tourist, rather than a local, so we head over to touristy places, and we end up with checks, and bills that are a bit too hefty on the pocket considering quality, and price.

So today we have compiled a few brief tips and tricks to help you travel on a budget, and save you from the hassle of falling into the money vacuum machine that is the tourist industry.

  • It is ideal to book your tickets on Sunday afternoon as that is the known time, when ticket prices are usually at their lowest.
  • Try browsing for ticket prices from different countries to finally end up with the most favorable price, statistics show that some countries double ticket prices and browsing from a different location can save you a lot of money.
  • Never eat at a place that looks like a tourist eatery. They are usually the locales with the biggest price tag, and with less than good quality.
  • Consider alternate airports if possible, and check for their ticket prices, one might get an awesome deal.
  • Consider a bed and breakfast, or an airbnb apartment instead of a hotel.
  • Travel during off seasons, prices seem to be cheapest during times when tourists are not present, for instance it is better to visit Europe in winter rather than in summer, because during the summer tourists over flood Europe, and prices tend to become huge, October to April are ideal for Europe.
  • Cars are worthless in big cities, so instead of renting a car, opt for taking the metro, tram, or bike.
  • Opting for local specialties gives the best value for money, always look for the traditions, and try them out they tend to give the best value for money.
  • Understand the cancelation policies of everything you book, some services are non refundable, and you end up paying cancelation fees.



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