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Chef’s Table: A Definite Must See

Yesterday I had the opportunity to watch the new Netflix Original Series Chef’s Table, and oh what an experience it was. The series is designed to feature a new chef for each episode.

Of the Chefs featured on the show are Chef Massimo Bottura from Osteria Fransescana, Dan Barber, Francis Mallman, Niki Nakayama, Ben Shewry, and Magnis Nilson from Järpen, Sweden.

Each episode of Chef’s Table stars a chef, and throughout the episode, you begin to discover each chef’s vocation, every single one of these chefs has a story worth telling, a story of art, taste, experiment, fusion, and a mission at best.

Most of these chefs have rooted grounds, they bring something new to the table, however most of them have their souls and taste buds still propelling around the tastes of childhood.

This Netflix production brings something amazing to the table, literally! It has opened a beautiful door for viewers to better understand the resemblance between art, and food. The visuals you get to see in this series represent cooking, eating, and looking at food with its finest most colorful hues.

The series shows us individuals from very different backgrounds, from different countries, ethnicities, and you see that in the dishes they make, however the common ground among these brilliant culinary artisans.

The series is a five star production, with amazing picturesque scenery, food that feasts your eyes with gorgeous color, a definite must watch!

P.S: Personal advice, do not watch it when you’re hungry!

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