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Outdoor Activities To Engage In When Visiting Doha

Being in Qatar doesn’t mean that you have to stay indoors all the time. Sometimes you have to take advantage of the good weather to get the chance to practice some great outdoor activities like the ones we chose for you.

1 – Go on a desert trip

It’s the highlight of any trip to Qatar if you are seeking some adventures. Experience a terrain of endless sand in Khor Al Udeid by driving a SUV. There is a big number of tour operators that propose tours, with the desert safari being the most popular one. There you can also experience dune bashing, camel riding, traditional dinner in tents, night camps and swimming in the Inland Sea.

2 – Get fit in the outdoors

Clubs like Bootcamp Qatar plan training exercises for groups in different locations like the Corniche and the Museum of Islamic Art Park. If you wish to stay solo, you can find a number of fitness equipment at the Corniche available for free. At Doha Sports City, you can also find tracks for people to walk, jog or ride the bicycle.

3 – Learn how to sail

Living in Qatar can give you the chance to experience or learn sailing as there are a number of clubs that propose sailing lessons like the Doha Sailing Club and the Regatta Sailing Academy at the InterContinental Hotel Doha. Some clubs offer the boat rental free of charge while others for an hourly rate. You can also take part in races organized by the clubs.

4 – Experience diving

Practicing watersports in Qatar is an obvious choice for people since the peninsular monarchy is surrounded by the Arabian Sea. With that, there are numerous diving spots to choose from. The first step is to join a club in order to get a certificate and you’ll get introduced to these sites while practicing. Some of the clubs that offer lessons in scuba diving are Qatar Divers and Poseidon Dive Centre.

5 – Discover nature while Kayaking

If you love nature, a group called Entalek organizes eco-friendly trips at an affordable price such as kayaking through the mangrove plantations in Al Thakhira marina near Al Khor area, in the North of Doha. Some other activities include moonlight kayaking where you can immerse yourself in nature among the wildlife and observe the various bird species.



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