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Karl Lagerfeld’s Eco-Friendly Spring/Summer 2016 Haute Couture Collection For Chanel

Yesterday, we were all fixated on our Instagram feeds, anticipating the reveal of Karl Lagerfeld’s collection for Chanel. This collection was an eco friendly collection, so we kept our fingers crossed, waiting to see what the fashion giant will bring to us this year.

Although the fashion presented at the haute couture show was practically made out of wood, wood shavings, wood tiling; it was anything but recyclable, each and every single item presented is a precious entity women will be holding on to for decades to come.
Lagerfeld is an absolute genius with this collection showcasing neutral tones, hues of beige, white, grey, black, and midnight blue. Some serious embroidery decorated the exquisite pieces. Gold embroidery was prevalent, as well as over sized shoulders, plenty of layering. The fabrics used for this collection were diverse, ranging from satins, to crepes, tulle, lace, floral and checkered prints.

The cuts consisted of tube pencil skirts, some with layering, some resembling fish fins with micro intricate pieces, as well as some tweed over sized trousers, A line skirts, and round shoulders.
The inspiration behind this collection is the bee, one of nature’s finest contributors. The women, who walked the runway this year, to name a few, were Kendal Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid. The attendees we most loved on the front row were Gwyneth Paltrow, and Cara Delvigne with her lovely canine friend.
This collection marks a stepping stone in the right direction for the house of Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld never ceases to amaze us with his genuine creative genius, we hope to see this collection sported on actual women soon enough!


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