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#WomenNotObjects A Sarcastic Take On Advertising & The Objectification Of Women’s Bodies

Today, I have come across a video, I could not help but share on the blog, the message is so powerful and so striking, that we feel it should be seen by the largest amount of individuals possible, specifically individuals in advertising. This video, is a moving, and extremely powerful ode to women, it represents what a normal woman feels about the manner the advertising world exploits women’s bodies to sell products.

The message behind this video is strong, and it has a bigger importance and significance than the ads it criticizes, however individuals still manage to sit idly by without criticizing these manners of advertising, however justifying them, and buying their products.sexism-female-objectification-advertising-womennotobjects-3

Objectifying women goes a long way it has actually begun before the beginning of advertising, and is this truly how we want our children to be? Is this what we want our daughters to see? Is this how we see ourselves? Do these objects represent women?

Only a narrow man’s mind is able to exploit the very being that is their mother, daughter, sister, or friend. This video is moving, and it explains to the advertising industry, in the literal sense, that women are not to be objectified, and that these individuals using women do not come nearly close to what a woman really is.

We hope this message conveys to you what it has conveyed to us, and we truly hope for change on matters of advertising, and women’s bodies. Just because women are existentially beautiful, does not give anyone the right to treat women as objects and commodities, people should have some respect!




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