What to know

On The Benefits of Olives

Olives are one of these things we never run out of at home, they are integrated into our diet in two forms, either in liquid form in olive oil, or eating olives. Olive trees are beautiful, and they give us one of the world’s most used oils, olives include some amazing benefits and today we have listed a few facts about this amazing tree, and its gorgeous fruits.

  • The life expectancy of an olive tree is 300 to 600 years.
  • It takes an olive tree four years to begin flowering.
  • Olives are green; however they turn purple once they become ripe.
  • Olive oil is naturally cholesterol free, sodium free, and carbohydrate free.
  • 16 olives are the equivalent of one fruit snack.
  • 90% of olive trees are harvested and turned into oil, a mere 10% of olives serve as table olives.
  • 2.25 million liters of olive oil are produced each year.
  • Olives are a rich source of Vitamin A, E, K, & Vitamin B.
  • The United Nations Flag, as well as Seven Nations, and Four States in USA have an olive branch on their flags.
  • Olive branches signify peace, and truce.
  • The oldest olive tree is said to have lived two thousand years.

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