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An Intro To Some of Qatar’s Distinguished Abaya Designers

The Abaya is still a traditional and cultural piece item in Qatar. While the most popular shade remains the black color, some designers have introduced a more modern look with new shades and designs, due to the demands of women now seeking a more unique and individual style.

The women behind this recently launched Abaya business, Maqdeem Al Naama, has been introducing more colorful Abayas on the Qatari fashion scene. Her last Fall/Winter 2015 collection was entitled “Emancipate” and features in additions to black, creams, nudes and earthy tones with a cape overlay of pastel and metallic stripes.

Selina Farooqui
This other Qatari designer received a lot of success when she launched her first collection while she was still an undergraduate student. The collection, back then, had strong geometric shapes and fall colors such as maroons, nudes, and greys. Farooqui, who is of Indian origins, has declared that India is her inspiration when it comes to textiles and hand embroidery.

Muna Saad Al Sulaiti
Futuristic and metal inspired is what you could call Muna Saad Al Sulaiti’s latest abaya collection for Fall/Winter 2015. The colors used by the Qatari designer and fashion influencer are white, silver and metallic with shimmery tones. Some are simple in design while others have some leaf embroideries. What’s noticeable about the collection is that it follows the current trend of oversized items.

Darz Design
According to the brand’s motto, Darz Design is when tradition meets fashion, so we can say that it has managed to preserve a simpler look suitable to a more traditional taste. The result is still elegant and the fabrics are fluid and liberating, and the latest collection has many black and white designs, giving it an even more modern look.

Did you like the pieces by these modern Abaya designers? And don’t hesitate to share in the comments the name of a designer we may have missed.

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