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The Benefits of Having A Creative Hobby

Having a creative hobby, brings plenty of added value into an individual’s life. Practicing creativity generates a plenty of payoffs.  According to researchers Ebersole & Hess, (1998), and to another research conducted by San Francisco State University Researchers, having a creative hobby can do many things for your life. So today, we have compiled a point form list, in order for us to emphasize the importance of having creative hobby:

  • Helps create balance and order in an individual’s lifestyle
  • Gives a sense of control, and of achievement over the external world
  • Brings out a positive impact, and helps coping with a loss
  • Maintains your sense of integrity
  • Helps resolve conflicts
  • Brings to light grey feelings
  • A greater sense of well-being and personal growth
  • Helps the individual develop new skills sets and knowledge which improve professional performance
  • Enhances awareness of strengths and weaknesses
  • Prevents burnout by providing a release and escape from workday problems
  • Challenges thinking
  • Sparks creativity

Keep in mind that doing anything creative brings the out the best in us; it is an amazing way to release steam, as well as ideal manner at achieving beautiful things made with our own bare hands.

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