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Some Tips On Living An Eco-friendly Lifestyle

When the subject of nature comes to mind, we live our lives individually with minimal consideration of the environment, of the ecosystem, of how the world is falling apart, but since we do not feel it directly, we consider that no harm is being done on our watch. However what we keep failing to recognize is how our children will not be able to enjoy nature, or renewable energy, the manner they should.

If each of us takes on this topic individually, then we can all work in simple ways to create a cleaner environment for ourselves in the future.

Today we have rounded up a number of ways each person can make use of, so that all of us can live a healthier life, these tips are listed below:

  • Replace light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs, this can be done is closets, in laundry rooms, in bathrooms, in case an individual does not enjoy the hue of light emitted by fluorescent bulbs.
  • Instead of placing your computer or laptop on sleep mode, opt to turn it off completely during the night time.
  • Instead of using a dryer, opt for hand drying your clothes.
  • Reuse glass bottles, again and again, as glass is very hard to decompose.
  • Make sure to recycle magazines, and especially newspapers.
  • Invest in a proper filter for tap water, instead of purchasing bottled water.
  • Brush your teeth without leaving the water running.
  • Use cruise control on your car, since it reduces gasoline consumption by 15%.
  • Buy local goods, as imported goods go through the process of shipments, and they cause so many pollutants by the time they arrive to the end user.
  • Reuse wire hangers you get from dry cleaning, or give them back to the dry cleaners in order for them to reuse them.
  • Use matches instead of a lighter.
  • Replace plastic bags with paper bags.
  • Purchase rechargeable batteries instead of disposable batteries.
  • Car pooling is an amazing option, and it helps reduce the number of cars on our roads

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