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Tangerine A Feature Film Shot Entirely On Three Iphones

Very recently, and while browsing the net for some Netflix recommendations, I came across a film which I found to be quite bizarre. The film is named Tangerine, and it tells the story of two African American transgender women, by the names of Alexandra and Sin-Dee. Sin-Dee had just been released from jail, on Christmas Eve, and the film follows her escapade at finding her boyfriend and pimp.

The name of the film was chosen according to the color of the Los Angeles skyline at sunset. The film was also shot in Los Angeles.

However the weirdest trivia ever revolving around this film is the fact that it was entirely shot using three Iphone 5s, which is an extremely unique element, emphasized during the promotion of this film.

Additionally Tangerine was a very low budget film, and this is the reason for which the director decided to use iphone cameras.

The film is visually compelling, it is humorous, it is emotional, it is raw, and honest. The cruelty that this film portrays with regard to transgender people and sex workers is extremely real, and it is the type of raw untouched media we enjoy seeing, despite the ugly truth it depicts.

Tangerine received amazing reviews at the Sundance film festival, and is definitely a must watch, an amazing production done with minimal resources.

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