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The Wolfpack: A Film Stranger Than Fiction

A few days ago, we came across a film on Netflix, titled, The Wolfpack. The film was of the documentary genre. It is a depiction of a story that is literally stranger than anything we usually encounter.

The film tells the story of a family, a mother, a father, and nine children, living in Manhattan. The father is a devout religious, with a unique set of rules laid out for his wife, as well as children. The father was deeply conservative; he did not allow his children to ever come out of the house. The children spent their days cramped up in an apartment, in fear of the outside world, anxious, and unknowing of what lies outside their own walls.

The children started turning to films, in order to understand the outside world, and everything they learned, they learned from these films, they were their only connection to the outside world, films for these kids, were the true depiction of reality.12WOLFPACKJP-master675-v2

This documentary offers in depths look at the lives of these individuals, and how they blossomed through their creative tendencies, it is an extremely touching documentary, which truly restores faith in pictures.

It is a not to miss film, you see a performance you wouldn’t expect, even the minor details bits and pieces in this film are emotional, it is beyond what we call a documentary, it is a masterpiece.


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